An On-Demand Ecosystem of Automotive Dealers & Experts


Deliver memorable

On-Demand Sales & Service Valet Experiences 

 with the most customer friendly & simple to use 

mobile platform in the industry.

Virtually eliminate the cost & chaos of vehicle

Pick Up & Delivery 

by having your own Uber-like logistics platform.

Use existing available resources before paying outside vendors.

Sounds complex but really it is very

simple to launch and easy to use by all parties.

In-app Automation
GPS Tracking
Dealer-Specific Workflow
Status Notifications
Customer-to-Valet Expert
Omnichannel Communication

A simple step-by-step guidance system inside the mobile app let's any one at your dealership perform any of the valet duties. The GPS tracking allows customers to track route progress of all valet agents minute-by-minute. Google Maps integration makes it very simple to execute any of the valet services offered at your dealership. Plus, for every job the app auto calculates total hours worked by each dealer expert. DealerMobility is the only solution which provides in-app coordination between the Shuttle Driver and the Valet Agent. As we all know when it comes to Pick Ups & Drop Offs, it takes two to tango.

First of all, you do not have to lift a finger with our technology except off course provide the actual valet services.

All the back end settings are fine-tuned by the Dealermobility team. However you must know that with our fully customizable platform, your dealership can create it's own specific workflow for each offered valet service and assign your own unique choice of language to what customers see in their notification messages. Each Service can be assigned to employee, shared resources with sister stores, or a third-party service provider. 

Many things can change between the time a customer requests a valet service to when the actual Valet Agent starts off. Precisely the reason, we have included a complete omnichannel communication suite inside your own DealerMobility app. Customers no longer have to call in to the dealership and jam operator lines to request or change the details of an on-demand valet service. It's all done inside the customer's mobile app. Once a Valet Agent accepts a job, they have a clear line of communication directly with the customer. 


is more than an app.

It is a complete marketing & lead generation tool for both Sales & Service

Native IOS & Android App
Customer app 
Valet Expert app
Employee Example: Valet Agent/Shuttle Driver/Sales Associate/Porter/Mobile Lube Tech etc.
Contractor Example: Tow Driver/Mobile Detailer/Mobile PDR etc.
Admin Panel
Advisor Portal
Sales Team Portal
BDC Portal
Dealer Group & OEM Specific Platform Available.
Dealer Branding & Logo
Customer login
Advance SEO
One-Time Password security
IP Location
Dealer Web Page Integration
VDP Integration
Email Marketing Enabled
On-demand In-app Push Notifcations
Coupon Marketing
Bill to Repair Order
Bill to Inventory Stock #

Convenience is the

number 1 reason why customers defect from new car dealership service centers   





Typical Count of
Customers in DMS
Re-activated thru
On-demand Service Valet Program
Repair Orders Generated
 @ AVG $220/per RO
Service Revenue

New Car Dealers Create Their Own GIG Economy

With DealerMobility's technology platform, new car dealerships can create their own Sales & Service valet ecosystem, enabling a high degree of flexibility in valet delivery methods.


For instance, during peak hours, your sales associates could also accept an on-demand Service Pick up or Drop Off requests. 

Management can set commission levels flat per job or hourly rate as well as unique to each individual expert.

Dealership can directly hire contractors and compensation paid could either be a flat fee per job or based on hourly rate. The point is the dealer is in absolute controll!

Once your customers know about your on-demand Sales & Service Valet program, you will have plenty of work to spread around.

DealerMobility Features


When Your Dealership is ready,

just tell us to activate any of these

valet menu items for you.

It's Just a couple of clicks for us.



Single or multiple drivers. Set mileage radius & location to service.

Mobile Lube


Extend your shop capacity & PMA by providing on location vehicle maintenance.

Parts Pick Up &

Drop Off

Reduce recon-time with automated parts pick up & delivery using available employee


Test Drives

Grow leads organically with this option on website, VDP & mobile app. Route to sales team .

Sold Vehicle 


Wow customers with live tracking of their vehicle delivery inside the moble app.



Get your towing partner to install your app on their smartphone & let customers directly book a tow service with auto location capture


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